If you are looking for a caring, experienced, friendly and above all reliable pet sitter, Adorable Friends Pet Services can help.
We have been running since 2014. We have excellent reviews (40+) and feedback from all our customers who are returning time and time again.
Adorable Friends Pet Services is a pet sitting service with a difference. We cater for you AND your pets. Working 24/7 and run by Sarah, we are based in Christchurch, Newport.
We provide a professional, fully insured pet service to the residents of Newport.
Adorable Friends Pet Services provides pet sitting as an alternative to kennels and catteries. This enables your pet to remain in its familiar surroundings, avoiding the stresses that pets so often experience when taken away from their own home.

Sarah's Story

Hello, my name is Sarah and I'm the founder of Adorable Friends Pet Services. We are a caring, friendly and reliable family pet care business based in Christchurch, Newport.
I was born and raised in Birmingham where I had my first experience of animal care from a young age. My first cat was a ginger tom, aptly named "Ginger". My parents allowed a guinea pig on the basis I correctly looked after it and took full responsibility. I spent many a happy hour cleaning and caring for him. During the summer holidays I also filled my days by dog walking. I had an interesting combination of an Alsatian, Irish Wolf Hound and a Scottish Terrier for most of my regular walks. I relocated to Cardiff at the age of 18, attending Cardiff University. For a few years I was unable to personally keep pets due to residential restrictions. I however maintained dog walking during the holidays when returning home to Birmingham. Following graduation I found myself with "Hammie" the Hamster and a rabbit I rescued from the Cardiff University Laboratory.

The Cats Protection League provided my first cat in Cardiff, he was deaf and brain damaged. He was an absolute character and his name "Monsieur Poppy Pops" or MPP for short, certainly suited him. Sadly old age took him away following ten years of mutual companionship and care. Having moved to a larger home and being able to aid a friend, I acquired a kitten. It turned out that "Little Munchkin" was anything but little! He soon grew into a huge tom, certainly the gentle giant. In 2014 he sadly passed away due to Cancer he is missed incredibly. A stray kitten, "Scampi" was soon rescued followed by another abandoned kitten, "Cleo" who unfortunately had kidney disease. She was diagnosed with a short life span but we managed 11 fab years due to our care, she far exceeded all our expectations.
Not being able to see an animal in distress, "Missy" soon joined the family. During this period, I also rescued many other stray and feral cats. Whilst in my care I trained them for other loving homes, working closely with the "Heart" and "Cats Protection" organisations. Having a corner of the room and an ever expanding family, I also took on some unwanted tropical fish.
When I met my husband Matt, (an equally bonkers pet lover having cared for reptiles, mice, rats, gerbils, rabbits & fish) his own cats "Fries" and "Spike" joined my family. It took a great deal of time and patience to integrate all our adult cats. I am pleased to say we were successful. A very old Chinchilla called "Chin" was soon adopted. Even at a ripe old age he was the boss, spending many a happy hour terrorising the ankles of our cats. Sadly he has recently passed at the age of 20. We also took in a very old stray cat over the winter which we named bones (no guesses why :) ).
In 2014 my husband and I took a big step together and adopted Diesel a stray kitten, then a few months later little Vincent joined us, both were rescued by & adopted from Gwent Cats Protection League. Yes we have Vin & Diesel (We didn't name them).
Oh I also forgot to mention I decided to look after fish again. I have many temperate fish all happy and breeding in their tank.
At Adorable Friends Pet Services we provide a service with a difference we cater for both you AND your pet 24/7, all pets are treated in the highest possible regard. Nothing less than how we would expect our own loved ones to be treated. Needless to say the very highest level of care is always provided, ensuring you return home to a happy and healthy pet.

Sarah Davies
Adorable Friends Pet Services