Cat Feeding Visits

If you would like a shorter visit where your cat is fed, watered, mess is cleaned and litter trays emptied, this service is ideal. During each visit, we will ensure that your cats are very well cared for. Your loved ones needs will be well catered for in their familiar environment and you can be assured they have all they need before your return. Cats are sensitive creatures who are prone to stress. Our services will ensure they are happy and comfortable allowing you the reassurance of a well earned break. Having a cat sitter means that you do not have to worry about relying upon neighbours and friends.

What we offer

Our service ensures each and every time, that when you are away from home for any reason, your pets will be able to remain in their familiar territory. This provides your pet with comfort without having to go through the trauma of being placed in a strange environment. Your pet will avoid contact with other animals and as a result, have reduced exposure to contagious diseases, making it an excellent alternative to a cattery. On each visit your pets will fed, watered and cat litter trays, cages and utensils cleaned. Any accidents will be cleaned up in your absence.
During our FREE initial consultation visit we ask you provide specific care instructions regarding diet and cleaning etc.

Cute Kitten

Adorable Friends Pet Services - Cat Visits - Diesel

Pretty Persian

Adorable Friends Pet Services - Cat Visits - Persian

Fluffy Feline

Adorable Friends Pet Services - Cat Visits - Varnish