Hutches Kennels & Runs

Each enclosure is built on an individual basis fulfilling the specific needs of the client and pet. Guarenteed strong, secure and long lasting, any design of hutch, kennel or run can be built. Using only the most approriate materials, we can help you plan the ideal pet enclosure at the desired budget.

The finish

  • Finished with pet friendly treatments or left plain ready for you to apply
  • Doors and roof can be hinged as desired
  • No two enclosures are the same. They are built to your specific needs
  • Solid pine frames
All of our hutches and kennels can be built double lined to include insulation for the cold winter months. Please ask for details.

The process

  • Plans drawn to meet your needs
  • Materials agreed
  • Fixed price agreed
  • Delivery date agreed
  • Item delivered and demonstrated
  • Enjoy your new enclosure!

Any style of kennel

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Keeping our friends dry

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