Small Animal Boarding

When boarding your pets at Adorable Friends they will become part of our family. In our house there is a dedicated spare room for your pet. If kept outside, they are within a secure back garden & highly visible. Two large hutches are available. Separate run available with shelter accommodation.
Your pets will be well cared for and will enjoy plenty of play and interaction. We will ensure your special touches are maintained during your absence.
Your pets will also have a lovely holiday being stress free and happy, ready to welcome you upon your return.

Collection and drop off service

Our collection and drop off service is available when transporting larger enclosures. Please contact us to discuss pricing.
We are experienced carers having looked after many types of animal previously. You can be assured of our care.


Outdoor Boarding
Please note only bedding materials are supplied.
  • Rabbit £7.50
  • Each additional rabbit (normally caged together) £1.50
  • Guinea Pig £7.50
  • Each additional pig (normally caged together) £1.50
  • Reptiles (tortoise or similar) £4.00
Indoor Boarding
Own housing required, priced per day. I have a cage available for small rabbits / guinea pigs, please contact us to confirm suitability.
  • Hamsters £3.50
  • Birds £5.00
  • Rabbit (To be housed in an indoor cage) £6.50
  • Each additional rabbit £1.00
  • Guinea Pig (To be housed in an indoor cage) £6.50
  • Each additional pig £1.00
  • Reptiles £6.00

Booking Process / Forms

Give us a call Complete the forms Return forms and payment Await Confirmation

Boarding Agreement
You may not need to complete this if you are an existing client
Terms & Conditions
The Terms & Conditions in the documents below MUST be met before any booking is confirmed. Please sign and return the relevant document as part of the booking process.

Rabbit / Guinea Pig

Adorable Friends Pet Services - Guinea Pig


Adorable Friends Pet Services - Bearded Dragon